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Standard Pallets

Our standard range of wood pallets for warehousing and distribution include; Australian standdard footprint (1165 x 1165 Lightweight, Medium and Heavy weight), Air and Sea freight pallet (1100 x 1100), Half size (800 x 1165) and double size pallet (1165 x 2400)

Custom Pallets and Skids

We’ve stacked enough products to know that not every shipment is the same size. This is exactly why we specialize in custom pallets and skids. No matter the size or type of the goods you’re shipping, you can trust in our expertise to design and manufacture custom pallets to meet your exact requirements. Although custom designs can take slightly more time to manufacture, we nonetheless pride ourselves with a no-nonsense rapid turnaround to get your business moving when you need it most.

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Export Pallets | Heat treated Pallets

We are a licensed manufacturer of timber export pallets to ISPM15. All of our heat-treated pallets are individually stamped with our unique accreditation number to guarantee your peace of mind, knowing our pallets can handle anything you choose to stack on them.

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Custom Pallets

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If your business needs the best export pallets Melbourne has to offer, look no further than Pallets and Crates! We specialise in the manufacture of timber pallets and skids for every need – as a reputable provider, we are confident in our ability to find a solution to any and all of your pallet needs. To get your business on the move, please call us today.

Custom Pallets